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 Tree Walkers International

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PostSubject: Tree Walkers International   Tree Walkers International Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 10:14 am

Helping People Help Amphibians

TWI inspires and empowers ordinary people to become directly involved in implementing solutions to the global crisis facing amphibians today. Whether it is breeding captive amphibians in your home, or providing habitat in your backyard, you can help the world's amphibians.

One of their programs is operation frog pond. The goal of Operation Frog Pond is to create high quality habitat for amphibians where they need it most by promoting the establishment of amphibian friendly ornamental ponds and wetlands. Participants in Operation Frog Pond are encouraged to become Research Associates who help improve artificial wetland design and management for the amphibians that need help most.


It is worth checking out!
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PostSubject: twi   Tree Walkers International Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 10:20 am

yep, i am a part of that conservation effort as well, by far the best conservation i have ever seen. amphibians of all kinds, not just darts like jason pointed out. Kristy:)

1.1 bakhuis tincs, 1.2 cobalts, 1.1 citronellas, 1.1 brazillian yellow heads, 1.1.6 leucs, 1.1 powder blues, 1.1.1 amazonicus, 4 p.mint teribillis, 6 costa rican auratus, 4.2 p.aurataenias , 3.2 "highland bronze" auratus, surinam cobalt tads about to morph as well as two azureus tads.
wants: mossy pairs or groups
son is getting 3.3 firebellytoads soon! spent like 400.00 just on a fbt tank. am i insane or just love my son!Smile
www.treewalkers.org join to help our amphibians!
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Tree Walkers International
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